Troubleshooting Common Issues with UPVC Window Stays

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  • 2024/04/29
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UPVC window stays, also known as casement stay, are essential hardware that controls the opening and closing of casement windows. However, they can sometimes develop issues that can compromise the functionality of the window. This article provides a comprehensive guide to troubleshooting common issues with UPVC window stays.

Window Stays Not Holding the Window Open

Loose Stay Arm: Check if the stay arm is loose. Tighten the screws that secure it to the frame.

Bent Stay Arm: Inspect the stay arm for any bends or deformations. Replace it if necessary.

Damaged Stay Hinge: Examine the hinge that connects the stay arm to the window frame. If it is broken or damaged, replace the stay.

Window Frame Deformation: The window frame may have warped or bowed over time, causing the stay to lose its grip. Contact a window repair professional to address this issue.

Window Stays Not Closing Properly

Friction: Ensure that the stay arm is not rubbing against any obstacles. Adjust the stay or frame as needed.

Damaged Stay Latch: The latch that holds the stay arm in place may be broken. Replace the latch.

Improper Adjustment: The stay may not be adjusted correctly. Adjust the tension on the stay arm to ensure a proper fit.

Stay Arm Binding: Check if the stay arm is binding against the window frame. Adjust the stay or frame to eliminate the interference.

Other Common Issues

Stay Arm Falling Off: The screws that hold the stay arm in place may have become loose or damaged. Tighten or replace the screws.

Squeaky Stay Arm: Lubricate the stay arm with a silicone spray or a few drops of oil.

Window Stays Locking: The stays may become locked, preventing the window from opening. Gently tap the stay arm to release the lock. If this fails, contact a UPVC window repair specialist.


By following these troubleshooting tips, you can resolve many common issues with UPVC window stays. If the issue persists or is complex, it is recommended to contact a qualified window repair professional for further assistance. Regular maintenance and lubrication can help prolong the life of your window stays and ensure the smooth operation of your casement windows.

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