How to Align Aesthetic Appeal and Functionality in External Sliding Door Handles

  • jack kun
  • 2024/04/29
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When choosing external sliding door handles, it is essential to consider both aesthetic appeal and functionality. After all, these handles will not only be seen from the outside of your home but also used frequently by both you and your guests. By following a few simple tips, you can choose handles that are both stylish and practical.

Material and Finish

The material and finish of your external sliding door handles will play a large role in their overall appearance. For a classic look, choose handles made of brass or stainless steel. These materials are durable and will not rust or corrode over time. If you prefer a more modern look, opt for handles made of aluminum or glass. These materials are lightweight and can be finished in a variety of colors.

When choosing a finish, consider the style of your home and the other hardware on your doors and windows. A polished finish will give your handles a more formal look, while a brushed finish will give them a more casual look.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of your external sliding door handles will also affect their appearance. For a large door, choose handles that are proportionate in size. For a smaller door, choose handles that are more delicate.

The shape of your handles can also be used to create a certain look. For example, round handles have a more traditional look, while square handles have a more modern look.


In addition to aesthetic appeal, it is also important to consider the functionality of your external sliding door handles. The handles should be easy to grip and operate, even when your hands are wet or cold. They should also be durable enough to withstand frequent use.

Look for handles that are made of a material that is resistant to wear and tear. You should also make sure that the handles are securely attached to the door.

Combining Style and Functionality

By following these tips, you can choose external sliding door handles that are both stylish and functional. With a little planning, you can find handles that will complement the look of your home and make it easy to open and close your doors.


External sliding door handles are an important part of your home’s exterior. By choosing handles that are both stylish and functional, you can create a welcoming and inviting space for your guests.

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